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Listen Tuesday nights, starting at 9 Eastern. Musical Conversations is a conversational radio show, centering on music. Quite often there are guests, whether they be in house or phone interviews, they're talking music. From local and regional bands from around the Charlotte, North Carolina area, to national and international musicians, promoters, managers and those of influence in the music industry, all are welcome on Musical Conversations and at one point have been guests.

Tune in by clicking the player ink at the top of the page, which will pop out so you may continue your web surfing. Join the chat! Also check out the Facebook group and follow MusicalConvos on Twitter.

Charlotte Live Limelight is an article written by Stan Cocheo and published in Crowd Surfer arts and entertainment magazine , which is free and available all around the Charlotte, NC region. This is an archive of those articles. Charlotte Live Limelight is commentary and observations about the music scene, primarily, yet not limited to the Charlotte, NC, region.

Blogging style web page?

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It’s been a while. I’ve been hoping to get someone with WordPress experience to help me fashion this thing into what my vision of Musical Conversations, as a web page experience, should be. Lacking that, I’m stuck trying to figure out something that is completely alien to me. I never did MySpace well, though I Live Journaled quite nicely I think. Now, in this world of Facebook and what seems to be very little else, I’m trapped trying to get things rolling on this site. So, if you’re reading this and you know Word Press, come on! Help a guy out, okay?

So here’s what’s happening… Musical Conversations continues to be and is doing well. It’s 24/7 with break-ins to go live on at least every Tuesday night at 9pm Eastern, as the show, Musical Conversations. Preferably I’d have guests in and we’d talk music all night long, playing music and having such a wonderful time that when it comes through your speakers, you’re a part of the conversation also. Yeah, it’s like hanging out with your friends that love to talk music… and nothing is out of bounds in that conversation. Since it’s on the internet, it’s interactive, which means you can chat with us. Sure, I’m still working out the kinks of using the audio connection with JK Audio’s “Daptor Two”, which lets me take calls, though I’m also anxious to have someone test it out with me. Please! Help me set that up! In other words, be in touch, okay?

Beyond Musical Conversations on always, and live on Tuesday nights… I do also break in whenever I’m able so I can broadcast… because I can! Wouldn’t you? And why wouldn’t you? And you should be listening. It’s a lot of fun and yes, interactive.

Charlotte, NC is home and so “local” or “regional” music to me is now of course of the Carolinas. There is a tavern called “Pint Central” on Central Avenue. I’m there on Sunday nights, from 8pm Eastern until midnight, playing “Local Sundays” – music of the Carolinas. I’ll also occasionally include an artist that has been on Musical Conversations, though they may not be from the Carolinas – yet that is an infrequent inclusion.

The local free weekly newsprint arts & entertainment/nightlife rag in Charlotte has stopped publishing. I’m looking to revive my short-lived, yet awesome publication, “WTF-CLT???”, which stands for “Where’s The Fun, Charlotte?” – not what you think it stood for, huh? Get your mind out of the gutter. My magazine was a monthly, who knows what’s to come? This new incarnation may be named something else, it may be at a different publishing schedule, it may include an awesome online contingent… again, who knows? When I do, I’ll let you know.

On the more mundane front, embroidery is going well, as is my affiliation with a screen printer. I got my new business cards today and they rock. I think I’ll end with that… check out the image:



Make it Sew Enterprise

Falling Through April…

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Updates are almost ready to start happening as I’m catching up on lost time and lost…other stuff. All that aside and to the point…

Mikaela and Dan from the band “Falling Through April” are coming in for Musical Conversations tonight (that’s Tuesday, February 20th). We’re going to explore their recently released album “Zodiac”, and everything else as we do on Musical Conversations. Tune in at 9pm Eastern… and use the Chat option as it is working.


And… look for updates and a lot of catching up happening here.


Also, special thanks to Ed Bunker of NoProblem! PR & Marketing for making/facilitating the connection.




Working on it

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Musical Conversations has not been updated for a while and I’m lax in doing my part. It’s still here, and those who listen regularly can attest that it’s going quite strong. No updates does not mean nothing’s happening and yet it also means that it seems nothing is happening. Let me change that by updating.

First thing is the idea of an image, a logo, a recognizable icon to represent Musical Conversations is in order. If I’m doing this right, I’ve set it as the “Featured Image.” And so the inquiry is, “what do you think of it?” Let me know via the normal methods of getting in touch with me.


Going Live!

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BlakeBeachWelcome to the new Musical Conversations web page!

Lots of development has gone on and I thank Blake for his work as:dbwebprologopapertop



Check out the pages and let me know what you think. Join the chatroom (a new feature) and talk with me on Tuesday, starting at 9pm Eastern.


What’s Happening?

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Completely redesigning the Musical Conversations web page to make it easier to use, listen and communicate all around. Thanks to Blake Carpenter of Dragon’s Blood Web Productions for his work on this site!

First thing is the easier method of listening. Upper corner, click and listen. Easy! No struggling with web addresses or media players, it’s there and tells you when it’s not on and more importantly, when it is on.
Next is that it’s a place for the Charlotte Live Limelight articles that are being published in the free monthly newsprint arts and entertainment magazine, Crowd Surfer. New articles are available online a month after they’ve been published in print.

Archives is where old episodes are available of Musical Conversations, to hear or download to listen to later as a podcast.
Another upgrade is that there’s now a chat window available! This way there’s one location for messages so listeners can join the conversation.

As this develops, there will be more, including a calendar of events and guests.

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