Musical Conversations is a constantly broadcasting internet radio station with breaks to go “live” on occasion. Tuesday nights, starting at 9pm Eastern is the “official” Musical Conversations show night, where usually there’s a guest with whom we discuss everything. Outside of that, there are random times that Musical Conversations goes “live”, yet usually it’s a rotating playlist of music by artists that have been in, as well as themes of music by topic.

Once a month Musical Conversations turns over to Tarotunes, a show centered on a tarot card reading and interpretation, yet also the cards are interpreted by the music. An interesting take on both subjects, it’s done live and also is recorded for syndication on other stations.

Please contact if you’d like to be on Musical Conversations. Tune in on Tuesday nights and watch for the other random broadcasts.

If you’re a musician, whether you’re in a band or a solo artist, and would like to come in for Musical Conversations, I ask that you get some of your music to me so that I know what we’re going to talk about, though also give examples of your influences. All this can be done ahead of time. I ask that you get into the studio at closer to 8 so we can set up and settle in prior to the broadcast start of 9.
Any questions, please ask!