Listen Tuesday nights, starting at 9 Eastern. Musical Conversations is a conversational radio show, centering on music. Quite often there are guests, whether they be in house or phone interviews, they’re talking music. From local and regional bands from around the Charlotte, North Carolina area, to national and international musicians, promoters, managers and those of influence in the music industry, all are welcome on Musical Conversations and at one point have been guests.


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Blogging style web page?

It's been a while. I've been hoping to get someone with WordPress experience to help me fashion this thing into what my vision of Musical Conversations, as a web page experience, should be. Lacking that, I'm stuck trying to figure out something that is completely...

Falling Through April…

Updates are almost ready to start happening as I'm catching up on lost time and lost...other stuff. All that aside and to the point... Mikaela and Dan from the band "Falling Through April" are coming in for Musical Conversations tonight (that's Tuesday, February...

As Lions

The first band performing at the Carolina Rebellion 2017, was "As Lions". That's Austin Dickinson on vocals. He's Bruce Dickinson's son, and yes he of Iron Maiden. Also in for the interview was Will Homer. As I found out, they've been friends for years. I found Austin...

Tarotunes 1 – January 2017

Evolving from Musical Conversations, with Heather Gaffney-Darnell as the guest, reading tarot cards as a way to look to where we are at, here at the beginning of 2017, as well as what we've got in store for us throughout the year. The Conversation turned, as Musical...

Working on it

Working on it

Musical Conversations has not been updated for a while and I'm lax in doing my part. It's still here, and those who listen regularly can attest that it's going quite strong. No updates does not mean nothing's happening and yet it also means that it seems nothing is...

Going Live!

Going Live!

Welcome to the new Musical Conversations web page! Lots of development has gone on and I thank Blake for his work as:     Check out the pages and let me know what you think. Join the chatroom (a new feature) and talk with me on Tuesday, starting at 9pm...

What’s Happening?

What’s Happening?

Completely redesigning the Musical Conversations web page to make it easier to use, listen and communicate all around. Thanks to Blake Carpenter of Dragon's Blood Web Productions for his work on this site! First thing is the easier method of listening. Upper corner,...

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