Well, 2019 sucked. Let’s see how 2020 will be. Here we are at the beginning of it, I’m completely reworking the site, or rather, having it reworked. Thanks Zöe of Websites By Zöe for their work. Yes, still working with Retromatic Studios, so thanks are due to them also. Also I have to thank To The Moon Design for the logo, the color scheme, and overall look of Musical Conversations, not just as a web page, also some really cool business cards. I highly recommend them, plus their band Reason Define is about the best hard rock veering toward metal band to come out of the region. Yes, their albums and performances will be reviewed… soon. I’ll get to the reviews, I promise.

Some of the other things that are expanding on Musical Conversations are book reviews. The only things I read are non-fiction biographies, auto-biographies, memoirs, and the occasional science or sociological exploration by people like Howard Bloom or Arthur C. Clarke. I’m going to start writing about them. Cross-posting with some podcasts, as I’ve interviewed Howard Bloom on many occasions. Howard recently told me he misses our walks through the park, as he walks through Prospect Park in Park Slope, encounters people being walked by their dogs and he talks with them, sometimes live on Musical Conversations, which is always interesting.

So… here’s to an improving 2020. For better hallway vision.

Musical Conversationalist