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Charlotte Live Limelight is an article written by Stan Cocheo and published in Crowd Surfer arts and entertainment magazine , which is free and available all around the Charlotte, NC region. This is an archive of those articles. Charlotte Live Limelight is commentary and observations about the music scene, primarily, yet not limited to the Charlotte, NC, region.

As Lions

Written by Stan Cocheo on . Posted in The Archives

      Musical Conversations with As Lions - Stan

The first band performing at the Carolina Rebellion 2017, was “As Lions”. That’s Austin Dickinson on vocals. He’s Bruce Dickinson’s son, and yes he of Iron Maiden. Also in for the interview was Will Homer.¬†As I found out, they’ve been friends for years. I found Austin to be an amazing interviewee, after I found him to be an amazing performer. Not often do I get to talk with a band after seeing them perform and as they were on as early as they were, there was no chance to talk with them prior. Listen to the interview, they’re new at this, yet having fun! A gentleman and a scholar, is it too cliche to say he’d make his father proud?

OH! And listen to the music. As Lions have a great sound and their style of composing the songs truly shines through – listen to the interview to see what I mean.